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  GCSE Textiles 2009 Syllabus    
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  GCSE Textiles Technology      
This 3 year Textiles course combines a wide-range of textiles techniques which collectively enable students to produce wholly unique creations. In the first year, students explore a variety of new techniques such as designing and creating their own fabric, dying, felting, and printing (batik and block print). Additionally, students learn the essential basics in sewing skills (hand and machine), and will produce a number of samples on which they can base their Year 10 and 11 themed-projects. 
During the second and third years of the course students will not only have the creative opportunity to design and produce two original pieces, they will further develop their textiles skills and understanding of fabrics and fashion. Each themed-project provided by the examination board (OCR) can be broadly interpreted which affords students enormous opportunity for individuality and creativity.
As part of the course, students have various opportunities to attend external events such as the NEC Clothes Show Live in Birmingham, and the Lincoln University Graduate Fashion Show.
Although students must provide their own materials, these can easily and conveniently be sourced from recycling unwanted materials; in fact, some themed-projects insist upon recycled materials being used.
Upon completion of the two practical themed-projects students must undertake a written examination to complete the course. The written examination tests students’ knowledge of sustainability issues, as well as the necessary technical aspects of ‘designing’ and ‘making’ techniques.
This ‘hands-on’ GCSE course offers students an excellent opportunity to be both imaginative and creative, while at the same time learning fundamental textiles skills that will last them a lifetime.
  Textiles - Various Projects      
(1) Yr 10 Appliqué Cushions
(2) Yr 7 Projects
(3) Yr 11 Project One Letter from a Appliqué Wall Hanging Design
(4) Fabric Design printed on Inkjet Printer
(5) Yr 11 Project
(6) Lunchtime – ½ an Hour Club Up-cycling and redesigning T-Shirts
(7) Yr 9 Computer designed fabric and print
(8) Yr 9 Make Vinyl Fabric and design an container.
  The course comprises 4 units of assessment      
  • Units 1 and 3 involve practical outcomes with accompanying folders of written work –
    each unit is worth 30%
  • Unit 2 is Sustainable design and is tested by a 1 hour examination – worth 20%
  • Unit 4 is an examination entitled ‘Technical aspects of designing and making’ – worth 20%
  Unit 1 – Introduction to designing and making      
  • Research existing products
  • Write a specification
  • Produce a range of original designs
  • Produce a product
  • Record key stages in making the product
  • Evaluate the processes in making the product
20 hours
  Unit 1 Themes      
  • Eco-wear: make a piece of eco-wear by re-using
  • parts of an existing garment
  • Traditional techniques: make a bag for a teenager using appliqué and/or patchwork
  • A blast from the past: produce a peg or rag rug based on the theme ‘Nature’
  • Recycled denim:
    create a new textile accessory of household product made from recycled denim items
  • There are 7 other themes available
  Unit 2 – Sustainable design      
  • Assessment is through an externally set and marked test
  • Topics studied include: 6 Rs – recycle, reuse, reduce, refuse, rethink, repair.
    Product analysis and the Design of Products
    This 1 hour test will be taken at the end of year 10 or January of year 11
  Unit 3 – Making quality products      
  • Produce an original design to meet the design brief
  • Write a specification
  • Use modelling to develop the product
  • Plan and organise practical work
  • Complete the product to a high standard
  • Evaluate the product to the specification
  Unit 3 - Themes      
  • Celebrations
  • Extreme sports
  • Educational toys
  • Natural influences
  • Historical origins
  • 20th Century inspiration
  • Contemporary design
  Unit 4: Technical aspects of designing and making      
  • This unit focuses on the knowledge, skills and understanding underpinning the design and manufacture of products made from textiles
  • Externally set and marked 1½ hour test taken at the end of year 11
  Course timetable      
  • Year 10 – units 1 and 2 completed and assessed
  • Year 11 – units 3 and 4 completed and assessed
  Do you enjoy:-      
  • making items from textiles
  • being creative
  • planning your own work
  • learning through experience
  • working independently
  • aiming for good GCSE grades?
  This could be the Technology GCSE for you      
  Clothes Show Live - 2012      
  Clothes Show Live - 2012      
The Clothes Show Live event is fast becoming a ‘must’ for all textiles students, as the inspiration gained at seeing the top fashion houses, as well as up-and-coming designers is proving invaluable.
According to Miss Taylor (textiles teacher) the students left the event full of new ideas and enthusiasm, and all were extremely impressed by the techniques they’d seen demonstrated. Of particular interest were the number of outfits employing recycled materials (fabric, plastic, even paper) which were then transformed into spectacular garments (see images below).
Clothes Show Live 2012   Clothes Show Live 2012
Clothes Show Live 2012   Clothes Show Live 2012
Clothes Show Live 2012   Clothes Show Live 2012
  Ruth Milliam - Fashion Workshop      
  During June, the Technology Department were lucky enough to enjoy a two-day workshop with the international fashion designer, Ruth Milliam.  Ruth brought numerous pieces of her work, from feather and leather gowns for the catwalk to wedding dresses and military coats!  Ruth’s style of design is very free-flowing, and utilises vintage designs and materials.      
Ruth Milliam   Ruth Milliam
Ruth Milliam   Ruth Milliam
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  Fashion Show - Lincoln University      
  On the 25th May a group of Year 9 girls had the opportunity to visit the University of Lincoln and attend the fifth annual Fashion Show featuring the final collections of graduating fashion students, with the aim of promoting their work to the media, industry and outside world.      
Fashion Show - Lincoln   Fashion Show - Lincoln
Fashion Show - Lincoln   Fashion Show - Lincoln
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