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  SEN Department    
SEN Department
Ofsted Report 2013
SEN Policy 2017
SEN Department
  Head of Department: Mrs P Forman      
  Important Documentation:      
  Special Educational Needs Information Report 2018 (new)      
  Louth Area Autism Family Support - Speaker Event 2018      
  Magic Moments for Autistic Kids      
  Magic Moments      
  Magic Moments for Autistic Kids is a local charity based in Scunthorpe, in North Lincolnshire. They provide support and activities for children and young people with autism and their families.      
  Magic Moments links:      
  Autism Education Trust - Coffee and Information Morning in Caistor      
  Parent Invitation - Coffee & Information - Caistor Primary - June 2018      
  Support for parents:      
  Cerebra - Problem solving toolkit      
  Join us for a relaxing, informal evening to find out more information about how to help your family >>      
  SEN Report:      
  SEN Report (PDF)      
  Accessibility Plan Information      
  Accessibility Plan - Introduction      
  College Floorplan and Accessibility Plan      
No events at present. Check back soon...
  Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEN & D)      
Please find below an updated SEND Events Flyer. While most of the dates, times and locations have remained the same, the organisers have had to make some changes which means a new flyer has been created (please discard any older versions that you may have).
It's very important that anyone wanting to attend these events book onto them by calling: 01522 554993. In the event of unavoidable change or if insufficient numbers have booked onto the events; they may have to be cancelled or changed. We can obviously therefore only contact those who have booked to attend.
  Signpost Leaflet - Short breaks in Lincolnshire      
  Information and Services for Children With Disabilities and/or Sensory Impairments      
  Signpost Leaflet >>      
  help! Managing Anger      
help! Managing Anger is a one day Family Support Seminar which provides information and advice to parents and carers of children affected by autism.
  The seminar will support families to:      
  • Discuss why children with autism often have challenges with anger
  • Identifies a low arousal approach for support through stressful situations
  • Explore the cycle of anger and possible support strategies
  • Examine strategies for managing feelings
  • Provide a help! resource pack of information
  Telephone number for event enquiry: 01522 554673      
  Some useful websites / additional information:      
  The National Autistic Society for advice, courses, information leaflets, new research and books.      
  The Den      
  A website set up by the Autism Education Trust for students and has lots of advice and short films that are could be quite helpful.      
  Lincolnshire Autistic Society
  Contact Janet Corcoran
Helpline 01775 821213
  Parent Partnership      
  Independent Support for Parents.
Contact Rachel Boothby.
01522 553241
  Parent Plus Group in Alford Area
  Contact Andrea Stephenson.      
  Lincoln Autism Support Group ( daytime and evening meetings)
  Contact Nikki Kennedy. 01522 887101      
  Pathological Demand Avoidance Contact Group.      
  Lincoln ADHD Support Group
  Contact Sharon O'Dell 01522 539939
  Autism and Aspergers      
  Dyspraxia Foundation      
  Autism Outreach Helpline for Parents and Professionals
  Contact Anne Tait
Friday 8.30 am - 11.30am
01427 787178 Option 2      
  Dyslexia Outreach Helpline for Parents and Professionals.
  North of the County
Contact Lesley Shapcott
01427 787178 Option 3
Monday 9.30am - 11.30am      
  South of the County
  Contact Katie Akerman
01205 31787
Monday 9.30am - 11.30am      
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