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  PE Department    
  PE Department      
  Head of Department: Mr R Thornalley      
  Welcome to the Physical Education Department at John Spendluffe Technology College.      
  • Mr. R. Thornalley – Director of Learning and Assistant Head 14-19
  • Mr. G. Richardson – Physical Activity Teacher and Learning Manager of Discovery House
  • Mrs K. Richardson – Physical Activity Teacher and Learning Manager of Endeavour House
  • Mrs K. Bromley – Physical Activity Teacher and School Sports Co-ordinator
  KS3 and KS4 Overview      
  JSTC provides a range of activities within PE at both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.  It is a practical subject that enables all students to actively participate in enjoyable and challenging activities.  PE provides opportunities for students to develop physical, personal, social and thinking skills, whilst simultaneously encouraging respect, teamwork, determination, leadership, confidence and resilience.      
  Within the Key Stage 3 curriculum students receive three Physical Education lessons per week.   Students are taught in mixed ability classes and learn about the fundamental skills, tactics and compositional ideas behind performances in a range of sports/activities.  This provides them with the grounding to develop into competent performers, participants and competitors, whilst also developing their understanding of how to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.      
  At Key Stage 4 pupils receive one double lesson per week, and are provided with the opportunity to participate in a range of sporting activities with the objective of them adopting an active lifestyle as they begin to enter adulthood.  Advanced skills and strategies are taught as students develop their expertise and look to apply tactics more frequently within their game play.      
  At both Key Stages, JSTC offers a range of extra-curricular practices and competitive fixtures against local schools.  Students are encouraged to attend these and may be selected to represent JSTC competitively.      
Astro Turf
Cricket Basketball Rugby
PE Department - Facilities   PE Department - Facilities
PE Department - Facilities   PE Department - Sports Hall
PE Department - Facilities   PE Department - Facilities
  At John Spendluffe our lessons benefit from the excellent facilities we are able to provide. 
These include:
  • Astro Turf
  • Sports Hall
    with markings for 4 badminton courts,
    1 tennis court,
    1 basketball court,
    1 netball court,
    1 volleyball court,
    1 5-a-side football/hockey pitch)

  • School Hall
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness Suite
  • 1 Rugby pitch
  • 2 Football pitches (1 junior and 1 senior)
  • Outside hard court area (basketball/tennis/netball courts)