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Ofsted Report 2013
Music Department
  Music Teacher: Miss C Spencer      
  Welcome to the Music Department at JSTC      
  Overview of Music at JSTC      
The Music department is a very busy department.  Not only is Music offered as a subject but lunchtime and afterschool clubs are available to all students as well as instrumental lessons.  Students enjoy participating in a variety of trips and activities.
Students study a wide variety of musical genres in KS3.  Students learn through a practical curriculum allowing them to develop an understanding of terminology and devices through playing the instruments, improvisation, composition and singing.  Students also develop listening skills through discovering a variety of musical genres and appreciation skills.
Students who have chosen to study Music in Year 9 are able to expand their knowledge on music and the Music Industry in preparation for the BTEC Music level 2 course.  In Year 10 students start working at the BTEC Music level 2 course.

Music at KS3

  In Year 7 students study:      
  • Instruments of the Orchestra
  • Classical music
  • Peter and the Wolf
  • Carnival of the Animals

In Year 8 students study:

  • Film Music
  • The Blues
  • Rock Music
  • Popular Music
  Music in Year 9      
Year 9 is a skills development year before students start working on the BTEC course in Year 10.  In Year 9 this is mainly a practical course allowing students to work in groups developing various projects.  Each project focuses on developing team work skills, individual working skills, planning and developing skills and instrumental/ musicianship skills.
  Projects include:      
  • World Music and Stomp
  • Band Skills
  • Designing a compilation CD
  • Composing a popular song
  • Recording sound
  • Roles within the Music Industry
  Music BTEC      
BTEC First Level 2 in Music allows the students to develop their understanding in the Music Industry. This course enables students to experience a variety of roles in the Music Industry and prepares them for further education leading into the Industry job roles.
The BTEC course is made up from 4 units; two units are compulsory and the other two units are chosen by the class teacher. The two optional units are chosen based on the strengths of the cohort.
  The units students are currently studying:      
  • Unit 1: The Music Industry (compulsory exam unit)
  • Unit 2: Managing a Music Product (compulsory assignment unit)
  • Unit 5: An Introduction to Music Performance (assignment based unit)
  • Unit 6: An Introduction to Music Recording (assignment based unit)
  BPM trip at Birmingham NEC      
BMP - JSTC Trip - 01 BMP - JSTC Trip - 02 BMP - JSTC Trip - 03
  Recent Music department trips and activities      
Students have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of trips; most recent trips have included a trip to Grantham to see the group Graffiti Classics and a trip to see Chantelle McGregor and Lucy Zurin performing at Louth Riverhead Theatre.  The Samba Band recently performed at Cadwell Park as part of the Mass Samba Band performance, participating at the British Cycling Time Trial Championships with schools from around Lincolnshire.
Earlier this year Years 9 and 10 BTEC Music students experienced part of the Music Industry through attending the BPM event at Birmingham NEC; students experienced a variety of professional roles, current music technology and a pyrotechnics all of which has helped to develop students understanding of part of the BTEC course.
  Aladdin, The Panto!      
Every year students are able to participate in the school Christmas Show; soloists and bands regularly perform displaying their musical talents however this year we decided to put on Aladdin, The Panto!  Students participated in a variety of roles and some students displayed their musical skills by singing a solo and some performed in the backing band.
aladdin_05 aladdin_04
aladdin_01 aladdin_02 aladdin_03
aladdin_06 aladdin_07
  Up and coming trips and activities in the Music department      
Friday 8 July 2016- in school contest ‘Battle of the Bands’. Contest to be held in the Main Hall at lunchtime. Open to all students wishing to participate as soloists or as a band- see Miss Herd for details.
  JSTC Music in the Alford community      
Every year a group of students perform to residents at Tanglewood Nursing Home and in the Corn Exchange Christmas Concert alongside other schools in the Alford area. This year Music students also performed at the Manor House Christmas event. The Samba band recently performed at the Mablethorpe and Alford Rotary Club Christmas Carol Concert.
  Music Department Clubs      
All music clubs take place in the Music classroom and equipment is available to use, alternatively students may wish to bring their own equipment. With the exception of Mr Smith’s guitar group and guitar club all clubs are free of charge. Mr Smith’s guitar group is sign up club through Miss Herd and the guitar club is £1 to help with the ongoing costs of replacement guitar strings and repairs.
  Lunchtime (1.15-1.45) Afterschool (3.45-4.45)
Monday Mr Smith’s guitar group (via Miss Herd)  
Tuesday Samba Band GCSE Music coursework group
Wednesday Ukulele orchestra Guitar club
Thursday Orchestra Music Theory club
Friday Choir  
  Instrumental lessons      
A wide range of instrumental lessons are available, these are provided by tutors from Lincs Music Service and from private teachers. Students receive weekly 1:1 lessons with a specialist teacher, each lesson lasting 20 minutes. Lessons are £4 (£2 if free school meals); bills are sent out termly. Students are encouraged to work towards Music exams; depending on instrument choices and the individual student the exam boards we use are ABRSM, Trinity and Rock School exams.
Students can sign up anytime throughout their time spent at JSTC; information regarding instrumental lessons can be found from Miss Herd, information regarding bills and invoice from Mr Treasure.
Instrument Teacher Days
Piano Miss Herd Monday
Brass Miss Herd Monday
Guitar Mr Smith Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Drums Mr Squires Tuesday and Wednesday
Flute Mrs Broughton Wednesday and Friday
Clarinet Mrs Broughton Wednesday and Friday
Saxophone Mrs Broughton Wednesday and Friday
Recorder Mrs Broughton Wednesday and Friday
Violin Mrs Dalgleish Thursday
Singing Mrs Dalgleish Thursday
Bass guitar Mr Smith Friday
  Useful websites      
  Websites used to aid learning for KS3 and Year 9:      
  Information on instrumental exams:      


  Rock School: