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  Art Tutor: Miss S Battista      
  GCSE Art - Overview 2015      
  GCSE Art - Guide (PDF) >>      
  Departmental Aims:      
  To create the opportunity for all students to reach their potential within Art and Design.
  The aims of the course are to build on and extend:      
  knowledge and understanding of the formal elements of Art & Design.
  skills in the handling of a variety of media and tools, including the ability to draw from
  first-hand observation.
  pupils’ ability to use specialist vocabulary when discussing their own and others‘ artwork.
  pupils’ knowledge and understanding of, and insights into, the work of artists, crafts people
  and / or designers
  Art Department Trips:      
  Please check back soon as this information is being updated...      
  Art Department Clubs, Workshops & Exhibitions:      
  These are intended to provide students with a further opportunity to develop their skills, to explore their      
  own ideas, or to catch up with class work or homework.      
  Lunch-time club:      
  The Art room is open to students at lunch-times from Tuesday to Friday.      
  GCSE after-school workshops:      
  These whole day sessions run during holidays and are intended to allow students to complete      
  coursework, further explore their own ideas or to have additional individual tutorial time.      
  GCSE Easter Revision-school:      
  A workshop takes place in the Easter holidays to allow students in Year 11 to prepare for their final      
  exam and to have additional tutorial/studio time.      
  Understanding your National Curriculum Level in Art      
  A detailed overview of Levels 1 to 8 National Curriculum Art >      
  Art: Key Stage 3      
  Details of National Curriculum Art at Key Stage 3 >      
  Art: Key Stage 4 (GCSE)      
  Details of GCSE Art (Key Stage 4) >      
  Download a parents guide to GCSE Art in PDF format >      
  Download the Student Assessment Guide in PDF format >