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Ofsted Report 2018
Ofsted Report 2013
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Pupil Premium 2018-19 30/01/19 Pupil Premium - September 2018 PDF (189kb)
Final Accounts 16/17 23/01/19 Final Accounts 2017/18 PDF (2401kb)
Report to Management 16/17 23/01/19 Report to Management 2017/18 PDF (2614kb)
Value for Money Statement 16/17 23/01/19 Value for Money Statement 2017/18 PDF (82kb)
Child Protection Policy 22/01/19 Child Protection Policy PDF (1.24Mb)
Behaviour Management Policy 22/01/19 Behaviour Management Policy PDF (150kb)
Final Accounts 16/17 02/02/18 Final Accounts 2016/17 PDF (4541kb)
Report to Management 16/17 02/02/18 Report to Management 2016/17 PDF (627kb)
Value for Money Statement 16/17 02/02/18 Value for Money Statement 2016/17 PDF (64kb)
Curriculum Pathways Booklet (2017) 17/10/17 Curriculum Pathways Booklet PDF (2027kb)
Equal Opportunities 06/03/17 Equal Opportunities PDF (35kb)
Equal Opportunities Statement 06/03/17 Equal Opportunities Statement PDF (10kb)
Controlled Assessment Info 19/11/12 Controlled Assessment Information PDF (327kb)
Complaints Procedure 06/11/15 Complaints Procedure PDF (76kb)
Charging Policy 23/10/12 Charging Policy PDF (15kb)
Equal Opportunities Information 03/11/15 Equal Opportunities Info PDF (210kb)
Race Equality Document 04/09/12 Race Equality Document PDF (26kb)
Multi-Cultural Document 04/09/12 Multi-Cultural Document PDF (11kb)
Sex and Relationship Guidance 06/11/15 Relationship Guidance PDF (84kb)
2D Floorplan A4 (B&W) 07/11/18 2D Floorplan PDF (195kb)
3D Floorplan A4 (Colour) 07/11/18 3D Floorplan PDF (376kb)
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December Newsletter 2018 19/12/18 Christmas Newsletter PDF (1177kb)
Autumn Newsletter 2018 14/09/18 Autumn Newsletter PDF (7389kb)
Summer Newsletter 2018 20/07/18 Summer Newsletter PDF (6587kb)
Spring Newsletter 2018 27/03/18 Spring Newsletter PDF (1177kb)
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 Special Educational Needs (SEN)      
Main SEN policy 05/10/17 SEN Policy 2015 PDF (120kb)
Details of JSTC 05/01/17 Details of JSTC PDF (91b)
Application Form (Teaching) 30/01/17 Application Form Word (194kb)
Application Form (Support) 21/09/17 Application Form PDF (77kb)
Disclosure and Barring Service 22/11/17 DBS Certificate PDF (53kb)