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We understand that Year 7 is a vital year for settling in and getting used to all the changes starting secondary schools brings. We also understand that, as parents or carers, this may be new to you too. Therefore, we've created a series of quick-links which give you direct access to important information you're bound to need or will be desperate to ask for.


Introduction by Chair of Governors – Mr Peter Milson

There are further details in the links panel but in summary:


The Governing Body are all volunteers and there are currently 13 governors varying from teachers, parents and members of the local and business community. We work together with the Headteacher and his senior team for the benefit of all the pupils and staff at John Spendluffe Technology College.

What do Governors do?


Governors at John Spendluffe Technology College do not manage the Academy, that is the role of the Headteacher and his team; as Governors we aim to support them in doing this. At John Spendluffe we support a very successful Academy.


Governors are responsible for the strategic vision of the school and for supporting the Headteacher and his team in achieving that vision. Governors have responsibility for appointing the Headteacher, managing the Academy’s budget, setting annual targets and monitoring performance against those targets, all in the interest of raising standards of achievement.


To exercise this role, as well as the main governing body, there are a number of committees, the detail of which are in the links panel but as a an overview the committees are:


  • Finance & General Purposes Committee (Chaired by Mr Giles Crust)


  • Strategic, Standards, Students and Curriculum Committee (Chaired by Mr George Willoughby)


  • Personnel Committee (Chaired by Mr Peter Milson)

Our Governing Body are:

  • Ms J Shorrock (Headteacher)


  • Mr P Milson (Chair)


  • Mr G Willoughby (Vice Chair)


  • Mr J Treasure (Company Secretary / Clerk to Governors)


  • Mrs L Ailsby (Parent Governor)


  • Mr D Allen (Community / Parent Governor)


  • Mrs T Chatterton (Staff Governor - Support Staff)


  • Mr G Crust (Community Governor)


  • Mrs S Gibney (Community Governor)


  • Mr R Follett (Staff Governor - Teaching Staff)


  • Mrs L Iaquaniello (Community Governor)



  • Mrs J Sharp (Staff Governor - Teaching Staff)


  • Mr R Snell (Parent Governor)

The governors are committed to parental and community engagement and there is always a minimum of two parents who sit on our governing body. Currently there are four governors who are parents of students of the school.


If you want to contact us then we would be happy to hear from you; please contact Mr J Treasure, Clerk to the Governing Body at the Academy or via the Governors contact email address:

Festivities for the Alford Food Bank


Donations have been pouring in since the food bank launch. The challenge this year was to fill a rather large car! It is my pleasure to tell you that not only did we fill it once, not twice but three times!!! All of which have been donated to the Alford Access Centre.


You may not be religious, but you certainly have taken this year’s food bank appeal to the next level, and showed your Christian spirit and made this festive period a little more special for some.


Thank you for all of your donations, how big or small they may have been, please be assured that you have help another family in our local area at this  time of year.



Summer Carnival Fundraising Event

On the last day of the summer term JSTC students, through their tutor groups, held a fund raising carnival event. Each tutor group came up with exciting ideas for stalls with a wide range of different activities.


In total £832.30 was raised.



JSTC Newsletters are published quarterly, and are a quick source to some of the activities and events happening in and around school. They're also a great place to find key information about the school such as important dates and developments.


The learning community at JSTC enables its students to grow and develop into resilient, responsible and respectful young people ready for the challenges of life beyond school. As an inclusive school we celebrate our students' successes at all levels nurturing their talents and ensuring they have the skills for the next step of their career goals.


Maximising your child’s potential


On entry to JSTC your child will have a range of data linked to their potential and, from this data, GCSE targets can be set. Children develop at different rates and therefore we wait until Year 9 before your child is given a specific GCSE target grade.


Therefore, in Years 7 and 8 your child will be assigned to a ‘flightpath’ that has a narrow range of potential GCSE grades they could achieve.


What will we measure?


We will measure your child’s progress against a projected GCSE grade. If your child makes more progress than expected in Years 7 and 8 then their target grade will be adjusted and a new, higher target put in place for Year 9.  If your child makes less progress than expected we will support your child to help them gain the skills and expertise needed.




Key Message of the Week

John Spendluffe is a converter academy that sits at the heart of the community that it serves and, as a standalone academy, we can plan strategically for the needs of our students.  We work creatively and innovatively to unlock the potential in every child and provide a friendly, engaging environment for students to learn.  This was clearly identified in our recent Ofsted inspection, “The school has a strong family feel where the children’s needs are nurtured and well cared for”.


Our curriculum is both broad and exciting.  Alongside the core subjects of English, maths and triple science we offer history, geography and two foreign languages.  In KS3 we offer an Opening Minds curriculum that enables students to further their love of learning through activities that build confidence, resilience and independence.  In addition to this we offer a range of technology subjects including engineering, food and textiles, a vibrant expressive arts curriculum, and high quality vocational courses from IT to Sport.  We stand proudly behind the range of assessment structures offered to our students and feel it gives them the widest opportunity to achieve.  Students who enjoy their learning will make the best progress and excel in their KS4 qualifications.  Ofsted noted that ”…pupils know their targets and say that teachers challenge them to achieve them”.


Our ethos is firmly rooted in the three ‘R’s’, ‘respect, responsibility and resilience’. We want our young people to grow into adults, and then to succeed in the world beyond our school gates.  Our behaviour code has respect at its core and we encourage our students to become those responsible young adults who will eventually leave JSTC with the qualifications, skills and experiences that prepare them for the world of work and a rewarding career.  Together as a learning community we celebrate the successes of students at all levels – whether they leave us to go to sixth form and University, an apprenticeship with a national or local company, or to employment with training.


Working together with parents and carers enables us to ensure that students can achieve the goals that will take them to the next level of their chosen career.  With excellent careers advice our students leave us with solid foundations for their future.


We welcome visits from prospective students and parents/carers and embrace the opportunity for you to see what JSTC has to offer your child.  Our transition arrangements help a child to settle quickly into secondary school life at JSTC and this again was something identified during our recent Ofsted inspection, “Parents value the strengthened transition arrangements that leaders have implemented so that Year 7 pupils settle into the school quickly and attend well from the start”.


Headteacher: Ms J Shorrock

John Spendluffe Technology College

Hanby Lane


LN13 9BL